Communities in Bloom is a non-governmental organization, which devotes itself to forestry and protecting the environment in Canada and has adopted blooming with communal involvement and forming a national programme, which is a very difficult process, as its principle, and focused on expanding the green areas of the community.
“People, plants and pride… growing together” is their slogan and it captures the essence of the programme.

History: The Communities in Bloom Foundation, established under the guidance of Britain in Bloom, Tidy Towns of Ireland, and Villes et Villages Fleuris de France, made its first publication in 1995 with the participation of the 29 municipalities, which were honoured by the parliament. Now, the programme includes hundreds of municipalities throughout the country and by enabling participants from the USA, Asia and various countries from Europe, it aims to create an international identity.

Programme: The programme consists of the evaluation of the information that comes to the communities, by the consideration of the 6 main principles (Regularity, Environmental Actions, Protection of Legacy, Urban Forestry, Landscape, and Flower Exhibitions), by the voluntary jury, which consists of trained professionals.

Benefits: The feeling of pride, communal sensibility and success, provided with participation, has affected the entire Canadian community. Participants can benefit financially from the privileges related to tourism, job opportunities and related projects that the programme offers.

All participants are shown in the section – “Explore our Communities” – of the Communities in Bloom Foundation’s website, with an introduction page and a link connected to their web pages. The Communities in Bloom Journal, which is published twice a year, contains participants, results from the adopted programme, articles about the subject and educational items.

The Communities in Bloom Foundation is established to support the environmental education activities and to give students scholarships as part of environmental programmes. This foundation has devoted itself to bring forth awareness of the importance and sustainability of the green areas and nature to society.